#1 Dad

I know he hasn’t been a dad for very long, but I think Michael could very well be Father of the Year.

I’m not biased or anything. ;)

I never had any doubt that Michael would be an amazing dad. Once before we were dating, I jokingly asked him to tell me a story. He proceeded to invent the most elaborate fairy tale (which was, of course, hilarious). I think it was that very moment that I fell head over heels in love with him. Something in me just knew that we would be parents together someday. I caught a small glimpse of us in the future: dressing up with the family for every Halloween, high five-ing after riding Space Mountain, and wearing ugly Christmas sweaters just to embarrass the kids. Is it wrong that the last one excites me the most?

I truly couldn’t be luckier to have Michael as my partner in crime.

Our sister, Krissy, gave Michael a very special Christmas gift- made even more special since Isaiah was born on Christmas day. It’s called the ‘One line a day’ book. The goal is to write one line a day about Isaiah’s life, young though he may be. Michael accepted the challenge, and then some. He hasn’t missed a day yet- which would seem quite easy, except for one thing: Nothing is easy with a newborn.


No matter how chaotic things may get, Michael never skips an opportunity to write to his son.

I know that writing in a book doesn’t make you an exceptional dad- but the thing is, Michael has everything it takes to be one. He’s a good role model, a strong Christian, a brilliant leader, and a caring husband, brother, and son. They say, ‘like father like son’…


I sure hope so.