A house is never done

And it shouldn’t be, by golly! Where’s the fun in that?

If you’re wondering what we’ve been up to…we’re back to working on the house again, since this Texas heat has graciously given us a break the past few weeks. We’ve got multiple projects going, all of which have been a long time coming. The garage? It’s about 1/4 of the way there.

Riddle: How long does it take to redo a garage?
Answer: Much longer than you’d expect.

(Ok, so it wasn’t a very funny riddle. But it’s true and that should count for something!)

We’ll post the before/after garage pics when we are finished. We’ll have a candle lit dinner in there after it’s all said and done– if I have anything to do with it.

The big excitement lately? The closet doors are done. (I know, simmer down. Please, at least attempt to contain yourselves.)

It may not be a big deal to others, but Michael and I have been staring this project in the face for over two years. And it’s done. High fives all around! We replaced the original accordion doors in our guest rooms, right after moving in. They stayed raw for about a year, and now they’ve been primed for about a year– hand done by moi.

(I kept getting comments about our “country-style pickled doors” that secretly made my skin crawl. No disrespect to pickling, or country– I absolutely love both. That just wasn’t quite the look I was going for…)

After the priming took me about 6 hours per pair, we decided it was time to break out the paint sprayer for the rest.


Michael worked so hard: detaching all the doors, keeping them straight (since they took forever to install and fit), and building a rig from scratch in order to spray each door without “flipping”. I’d like to say I helped, but the paint sprayer is a bit out of my league, so I gave our iron fence a new coat of paint instead.




It took a weekend, but we got it done!



And on another note, I’ve had a fun chair project to keep me busy on the side. What do you think? It’s the blue room’s newest addition.

$5 Garage Sale find… (thanks, C!)
a new coat of paint…
and tah-dah!
I absolutely adore it. (I keep sneaking into the blue room to stare at it just a little longer)

That’s all for now, this weekend is landscaping!

Happy Friday!

2 Responses to “A house is never done”

  1. Courtnye

    WOW…Allison!!! That Chair looks AMAZING! If I’d of known you wanted it that badly, and could do that with it…I would have charged $7.
    Just kidding.

  2. Beck

    I LURVE it! Can I hire you? :) I love when you post about stuff around the house. I’m completely and unashamedly jealous of the talent in the Aars family when it comes to home projects. Sigh.