Baby Boy Update and Thanksgiving dreaming

I thought I would update on our baby boy since it’s been a while. Our weekly visits are still going great. He’s a little (or not so little) eater… that’s for sure. He’s almost 5 1/4 lbs right now, and so far gaining almost a pound a week. Let’s just say that average is making Mommy a slight bit nervous, with about 6 weeks left to go.

The doctor said he couldn’t be more pleased with his growth (which was the potential risk with an SUA)- and sees no reason to believe we should have any problems at this point. He’s hinted that he might come a little early, and reminds us at each appointment to be working on our Christmas shopping.
I’m still feeling good, but getting a tad more uncomfortable with each day. We might have a little football kicker/soccer player/gymnast on our hands with this one. He NEVER stops moving, which is both reassuring and exhausting. And also embarrassing… when you suddenly ‘gasp’ in the middle of a work meeting because he’s kicked so hard you fear you might be about to relive the epic scene from Alien.
We are touring the hospital this evening, so please pray Mommy here doesn’t pass out. I’ve never been a fan of hospitals in general, so the idea of checking into one for a few days has been looming over my head the past couple of weeks. That, plus- when you are 8 months pregnant everyone seems to take it upon themselves to tell you their labor horror stories. Don’t ask me why anyone would ever think that is a good idea.
We finished hanging the pictures in the nursery this weekend, pics to post soon! It feels nice to have it all done and organized- or as much as we can anyways.
As for now… I am dreaming daily of Thanksgiving food. Have been for weeks. I can’t believe it’s one week away, and somehow… that still feels too long.
Happy Monday!

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  1. Beck

    Al, the new post-partum rooms at Baylor are lovely! You’re giving birth at the perfect time. Praying for these next few weeks (!) and knowing little one’s birth will be a joyful experience for all three of you.