Batter Up, it’s Sports Month!


Cue the ballpark organ…it’s sports month!

I’m particularly excited about this month’s theme, well, because it poses a great challenge for me. Let’s just say sports, or playing sports rather, isn’t really my forte.

I’m not terrible by any means. It’s just never really been my thing. Now, take me to a live sporting event and I come alive. Just don’t ask me to play.

There’s a reason that Isaiah has been exposed to more art than sports around here, and her name is Allison Aars.

But that all changes this month. I am SO excited to teach him about baseball (I played softball as a girl), basketball, football and more.  He already has a knack for throwing a football, and he is so inquisitive about any sport that he sees.

(Don’t you just love the enthusiasm of a two-year-old? It’s like everything they see, absorb, or learn is their new favorite thing. Oh how I wish we could keep that enthusiasm throughout our lives.)

But the real reason I’m excited about sports month, is the opportunity to teach sports the right way, the first time. To me, ‘sports’ isn’t just about baseball, basketball, and football…it’s about mountain biking, dancing, swimming, and so much more.

It’s not a boy thing or a girl thing. And it’s not just for professionals or those who excel.

Sports should be about attitude, compassion, exploration.

And FUN.

If I can teach that to my son this month, while having fun along the way? Then that’s a win.