Be in the Moment

My mind is constantly going.


I’m a “do-er” so I’m always thinking about lists, ideas, and activities.

I think about tasks that need completing, what to make for dinner…then I stop to wonder just how many dishes are waiting for me in the kitchen. I think about creative projects and I plan parties.

(Really, I actually plan parties in my head that don’t even exist.)

And even more…I think about finances. I think about what school my child will go to, if we should have more kids, and what would happen if we lost a loved one.

Big things.

And these ‘things’ are constantly running through my mind.

Honestly…I have a hard time staying IN any moment, lately.

Last night I was feeding Samuel his nighttime bottle (precious moments that are numbered, no doubt) and it wasn’t until I left his room that I realized…I never even looked at him.

Not once.

Sure, I glanced at him long enough to pick him up and settle into our favorite chair. I kissed him on the head as he squirmed to get comfortable in my lap. But from that point on? My mind was filled with to-do lists. I spent that entire time, somewhere else.

I couldn’t believe I missed it.

I also couldn’t help myself. I walked right back in and picked up my sleeping baby boy. I rocked him and rocked him, singing in his ear–desperately trying to get that moment back.

There really isn’t much of a point to this post.

Just this. I’m going commit to BE IN THE MOMENT. Right now, tomorrow, and every day after.

I’m determined.

I’m going to put down the lists, and better yet, put down the phone. I’m going to watch less TV with my children, and watch THEM instead–their eyes, their expressions, their joy.

I’m going to stop getting lost in thoughts about things much less important than my children.

I’m going to stop planning life, and start enjoying it.

No more preoccupation. No more distance. No more missing moments.


Who’s with me?

6 Responses to “Be in the Moment”

  1. Kaley

    Wow, you must be reading my mind! I don’t even remember nursing the baby this morning because I was too busy reading my email on my phone and thinking about everything that I have to do today. Thank you – I needed this reminder today!

  2. Alli Aars {You have your blog, we have Aars}

    Kaley, I’m just glad I’m not alone! I wrote this, and then thought…”Wait. What if I am the ONLY ONE WHO DOES THIS?!?”

    Whew. Thanks for your comment! Now I don’t feel so crazy. :)

  3. Agata Dagmara Pfister

    I’m with you! Completely! Yesterday I watched this video, maybe you’ve seen it already Exactly what you’re saying but in rhymes!!! Take care and hold on!

  4. Alli Aars {You have your blog, we have Aars}

    Agata, yes! So true. Had not seen that, thank you!

  5. Soyoung

    Even without kids I feel like I’m guilty of this. My time with Stephen, friends, and family is more limited than I would like, and I definitely need to work on being fully present and cherishing those moments instead of thinking/stressing/worrying about other things.

    And again, LOVE the redesign of the blog.

    • Alli Aars

      It’s so stinkin’ hard, right?! I’ve been working on it since this post. Doing better, but I’ve got a looooong ways to go. And so glad you like it!