Bouncers , burp cloths, and binkies… Oh, my.

This little one knows something is going on. I’m not sure she knows what, but she knows something is changing. It’s slowly started to hit her, and it’s breaking my heart. Right now it’s just a whole lot of moping. If you’ve dealt with a transitioning “furry baby” and have any tips for us, let us know.

Anyways, I promised I would update after our last appointment and truth is, there wasn’t much to update. It was my first appointment where we solely listened to the heartbeat via portable device, and then it was up to me to download my usual “list of questions.” (I just keep coming up with them.)

But that heartbeat, makes me cry every time. I am a worrier by nature, and just to hear that fast-paced little thumpity thump… It’s like music to my ears, as if I could hear my little one saying “It’s OK. I’m alright, Mom. And it’s fun in here. What’s new with you?”
We have our next appointment coming up Friday, 8/6- which we are really looking forward to. It’s a big sonogram appointment, apparently the longest we will spend looking at the little critter for some time. I plan to relish every moment. (We’ll post one of the sonogram pictures then, too.)
Other than the doctor’s appointments, we’ve started preparing as best we can at home. Not knowing what I will be up against in my last trimester, I figure it’s wise to do what we can now- while I am feeling great and not yet hindered by the size of my mid-section. ;) We’ve started clearing out the nursery (pretty sure this is what set Hershey guessing), we’ll be painting soon… and last weekend we registered! Boy was that ever fun.
There’s just something about picking out that carrier, swing, or onesie for your own soon-to-be little one that somehow makes it all very real. For the first time, you can see how your life is going to change (even though you still have no clue, you get the tiniest little glimpse). We went with Babies r Us and Target, for sheer ease and location- and had the time of our lives going up and down each aisle. Michael was just happy he got to use “the gun.”
So if you see a Wii, Playstation, or Extreme Lego Building Set on there…. it wasn’t me.