Christmas Month: Pom Pom Snow Globe

Sorry about the lack of posts, folks. We’re in the middle of potty training over here. More on that soon…

But I wanted to share our Pom Pom Snow Globe!


It was a great little morning craft activity, and Isaiah was super proud of it.

We started with cardstock paper in different colors: dark blue for the base, light blue for the globe, and two shades of green for the trees.


I penciled in the shapes and cut them out, while Isaiah practiced his cutting on the scrap paper. Believe it or not it was his first time cutting. He loved it. ;)

Then I let him do the gluing all by himself. We glued the globe to the base, the trees to the globe, and the pom poms to make the snow.



Oh, and this little cutie helped…


It was so easy, and turned out so cute. I could just see a mantel filled with these, in all different shapes and sizes. Maybe we’ll add that to the list next year.

You could even make the snowflakes with white paint and fingerprints. AHH! Now I want to make another…

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  1. Gayatri Chander

    Excellent idea


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