Cinco de Mayo Fun

It’s Cinco de Mayo! Well, not quite. But it’s coming up on Monday. 

We’ve got a pretty hectic week planned, so we decided to celebrate a bit early. And by celebrate, I mean “learn about the holiday” while Mommy was wishing she had a frozen Margarita. (Because honesty is the best policy, right?)

We wanted to do something quick and fun with items we had around the house. So we decided to make paper plate sombreros and Easter egg maracas.

I can actually remember making these in elementary school. They’re super easy and FREE if you have extra party utensils laying around (which most of us do).

 You’ll need:

  • a paper plate
  • a plastic cup
  • four spoons
  • two plastic Easter eggs
  • decorative materials (pom poms, glitter paint, etc.)
  • decorative tape
  • hot glue gun

For the sombrero, just hot glue an upside down party cup to a paper plate. Then let your kids decorate. We used pom poms, Sharpie and glitter paint.

For the maracas, fill a plastic Easter egg with dried black eyed peas (or beans). Seal the egg and hot glue between the two plastic spoons. Then finish by wrapping the handles together with decorative tape.

All done–and ready for a FIESTA! Get ready for noise. Lots of it

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ;)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

2 Responses to “Cinco de Mayo Fun”

  1. MeaganMusing

    Man you’re good at this stuff! We may just have to make these. They’re adorable! And there’s no reason you can’t have that frozen margarita too. Ha!

  2. Alli Aars {You have your blog, we have Aars}

    Thanks, Meagan! Happy Cinco de Mayo! (almost)