Cracker Jack Valentines (With Printable!)

Cracker Jack Valentines

Isaiah had quite a few Cracker Jacks left over from his baseball party a few weeks back. So I just had to make good use of them, somehow. :)

And as much as this kid loves baseball, I knew he’d be thrilled with Cracker Jack Valentines.

I also loved the idea of handing out a snack, instead of candy. Plus, a prize in every pack??? Two-fer!

I’d been brainstorming about what to do for the actual “valentine” when I came across this vintage one.


I collect vintage valentines. Did you know that? I try to add a few to my collection every year.

So when I found this one, it was LOVE at first sight. I mean c’mon, isn’t it adorable? They just don’t make valentines like they used to.

And it also didn’t hurt that is was free to download here.

If you want to print multiple at a time, just use my handy-dandy PDF: free-vintage-valentine-card-popcorn-and-red-heart-print-template-aars


I just attached them with red and white bakers twine, then added aluminum key rings for name tags (available at any hardware store).

Tip: I always keep these key rings on hand. They are super cheap, and make the cutest gift tags any time of year.

Cracker Jack Valentines

Isaiah about died when he saw the finished product. “I’ll have the coolest Valentines in class.” he said.

And that right there, is the best Valentines gift I could ask for.

Love my boy. Love his happy heart.

Happy Valentine’s week!

Cracker Jack Valentines


3 Responses to “Cracker Jack Valentines (With Printable!)”

  1. Paul Brown

    What a creative idea with such little cost./thia beats any Valentine Card. Keep coming with such ideas.

  2. Heidi

    I’ve been looking for something like this as I’m in a similar boat… baseball party, etc. Have you tried using shipping labels instead of the paper? I see that the twine and tag add a cute element, and am debating similar options.