Dish Brush Fireworks


The Fourth of July is just around the corner. We already have plans to head down to the farm. I’m taking the camera with me this time and I can’t wait to get some “real” shots. It’s been so long.

A big part of our “Farm Fourth” is setting off our own fireworks. A tradition that I’ve always loved, until we had little boys. Don’t get me wrong, I still look forward to it. But I’ve always known that the clock was ticking, and that one day Isaiah would be “big enough” to want to set some off himself.

(Cue the panic attacks)

To get in the holiday spirit, we decided to do some firework art. If you remember, we made these glitter fireworks last year. So this year I wanted to do something a little different.

We looked around the house for something (anything) that could pass as a firework stamp. Behold, the dish brush!


We used white acrylic paint, because that’s what we had on hand, along with some crayola finger paint (in red and blue). Any paper will do, but we did ours on kraft paper because I love the look. ;)


I made the sample while they boys were napping, and when they woke up it was their turn. Samuel is still a little young. But he watched from the sidelines and happily stuffed his face with Cheerios.

The only real guideline: do the white fireworks first, then follow with the red and blue. And don’t forget to wash your brush in between colors (not absolutely necessary, but it helps).


The best part about firework art with boys? The sound effects. Girls just don’t do that. At least, I didn’t. It was a regular firework fest with louder than life crackles and explosions. Every time the brush hit the paper = sound effect.

It was perfection.


And once again, Isaiah’s finished product put mine to shame. I thought mine was sooooo artistic–fireworks on the top of the page to represent the night sky. Isaiah just went for it.

In terms of a real firework show, let’s just say mine was the opening number and Isaiah’s was the FINALE.

Yeah. He smoked me.