DIY Doorway Puppet Theater


This project was supposed to be a part of our State Fair month. But alas, life with a newborn gets in the way.

But he’s a good one. So I can’t complain.

Besides, State Fairs and Fall go hand in hand, right? Therefore, this is the perfect Fall month project.

(I know, it’s a stretch. Work with me).


A while back I saw an expensive puppet theater, made to hang on nails in a doorway. And I thought, why couldn’t I make the same thing myself, but on a tension rod?

The more I started thinking about it, the more I became convinced it was the perfect puppet theater. Not only does it roll up neatly, taking up minimal space…but it grows (or shrinks) with your kids, because of the adjustable height.

I made mine using Fabric-tac, with every intention of sewing it all together after…you know…when my child starts sleeping through the night. (I’m still only getting 4 hour stretches, folks. It’s not pretty.)

But for the sake of time, I thought I’d go ahead and post. Since we are already getting good play time out of it. If you wanted to do a Fabric-tac version, sans sewing, it truely works just fine.


I started with two yards of my main fabric, and cut to the desired length. (Mine was 31″ wide to match my doorways, and 50″ long).

After hemming all of the edges (including the 2 inch pocket at the top for the tension rod), I cut a large rectangle in the middle of my fabric (roughly 10″ by 14″).


Once the rectangle was cut, I lined the opening with my ribbon of choice.

And finally, I created a curtain on the back by simply securing a large rectangular piece of fabric (size doesn’t matter here, just make sure it is significantly larger than the rectangle since it will be pulled in all sorts of directions by the puppeteers).

I had originally planned to do theater curtains, but the more I thought about it, the more the “backdrop curtain” made sense. Perfect to hide little heads, and can be tied up top if desired.

We love the finished result. Don’t you?


2 Responses to “DIY Doorway Puppet Theater”

  1. Donna stack

    Making this for the 2 younger Grands. Thank you for the window details. I also purchased , cut and sewn (using clear thread )a clear shoe hanger on the back side so the puppeteers can be organzied.