Dollar Bin DIY: Chalkboard Camera

Staying at home means the budget is TIGHT.  And because of that, I have two new loves: the dollar store, and dollar bins. 

Seriously, do you have a dollar store near you? I just recently discovered ours and I could practically live there. It’s amazing. 
So I’ve decided to start doing “Dollar Store DIY’s”. Not only are the deals spectacular, but the things you can turn them into? Even better.
Today’s DIY is from Michaels, where I do A LOT of my craft shopping. And have you checked our their dollar bin? It’s dangerous.
I’m not even sure you could call this project a DIY, since it merely involves spray paint. But hey, roll with it.
I spotted this sweet little camera cutout in the woodworking section dollar bin, and I just had to have it. 
One day later, with a little chalkboard paint and some chalk wording, it was Isaiah’s new obsession.
Aside: Why are the simplest toys (i.e. cardboard boxes, gift wrapping, etc.) always the most exciting? Isaiah has two kid digital cameras. TWO. And so far, he’s most enamored with this one.
Wanna know why? Because IMAGINATION trumps all. 
And I’m glad it does.
Moral of the story: Go check out your nearest dollar bin. And let your imagination run wild. 

2 Responses to “Dollar Bin DIY: Chalkboard Camera”

  1. Allison Waken

    Love the dollar bins so much! They have always been a favorite place to find fun things for the boys to do. This is SO cute!

  2. Alli Aars {You have your blog, we have Aars}

    Thanks, Allison! I miiiight be obsessed with the dollar bin. It’s like a sea of projects!