Don’t forget the milk

That title is ironic since we really do need milk.

When we first moved into our house 4 years ago, I really wanted a place for grocery lists and reminders in our laundry room. Right about that time, chalkboards were popping up everywhere  (too many places, if you ask me) so I opted for something else a little more modern looking… dry erase on frosted glass.

I bought a large black frame at Ikea, then picked up some frosted glass film at the hardware store. The film comes as a contact paper, with liquid adhesive and a squeegee. All I did was cut to size and attach to the glass, squeezing out any air bubbles along the way. It took 10 minutes max, and totaled under $20.


Low and behold, look what Pottery Barn came out with four years later…

via Pottery Barn

I was going for simple and clean, but it would also be fun to frame your favorite fabric, scrapbook paper, or wallpaper under glass. Found this one on Pinterest.

via Makes and Take
Truth be told, we almost never use our message board how I intended to: grocery lists, to-do’s, etc. 

Now for love notes? You betcha. And that’s the best way to use a message board, if you ask me. ;)