Fair Love

Thought: Is it wrong that I am already craving the State Fair of Texas?

Every year when the Texas heat hits, I’m taunted by the daydream of fall nights and cool breezes. Cotton Candy and ice cold Root Beer. The latest fried goodness concoction.  Photography contests and prize winning jellies. The list goes on.

Truth be told, I’ve been ready for the State Fair for months. I couldn’t figure out why until I remembered I attended last season sans rides or corny dogs (I may have sneaked one or two… but not my usual bakers dozen).

This year will mark Isaiah’s first Fair experience. I can’t wait to see an old favorite through his eyes – tasting foods for the first time and seeing the bright Midway lights. I remember how magical the Fair was when I was a kid. There’s a sense of adventure and romance that still lives there today. It’s a perfect place to bond with family. A perfect place to reconnect. A perfect place to fall in love and even get engaged. Wink. (Did you know we got engaged at the State Fair? In a photo booth? You can read about it here.)

We may have to wait a few more months before it’s here, but until then a girl can always dream. And boy will I ever – of corny dogs and funnel cakes and the Pirate Ship and fried Snickers and nutty bars and the Log Ride and lemonade and…

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3 Responses to “Fair Love”

  1. Terri

    aww… sweet engagement story. and don’t tell my dr, but i’m still eating corny dogs! i don’t care if there are nitrates!

  2. Deals On Wheels

    I get in for free. The one and only perk for working at FP. Maybe you, me, Alicia and the hubbies can all go together this year.

  3. Alli Aars

    I did too Terri. Shh, don’t tell. And Dealey, that would be so much fun!