Fall month: Kiddie Car Wash

This weekend we held our very own, Isaiah-sized, car wash.

As you can see, Isaiah’s truck was pretty dirty. So we decided to take advantage of the beautiful Fall weather and give it a nice cleaning.

I’d actually been excited about this activity for quite a while, because I knew how much Isaiah would love it. Remember our toddler car wash? He talked about that one for weeks. It always amazes me how the simplest (and most budget friendly) activities are the biggest hits.

We gave him his very own bucket with sponges and soap (aka dish soap).


And he scrubbed away…


Daddy helped.


And so did Hershey.


Soon it was time to rinse…


and dry…


And of course, take his freshly washed truck for a spin.

It was really hard work…


But somebody had to do it. ;

One Response to “Fall month: Kiddie Car Wash”

  1. JH

    the squatting and scrubbing… I am in love with that kid! – xxx Jen