Fingerprint Watermelon


We call Isaiah the bottomless pit, because he eats so much watermelon.

I’m not kidding, I’ve never seen anything like it. He could probably eat a whole one if we let him.

So yesterday, I decided to surprise him with an impromptu Fingerprint Watermelon craft.

To make, you’ll need paper plates and paint. (We used Chinet plates because their thickness responds better to paint, and regular Crayola finger paints.)

Honestly, this project was so easy…a “how-to” seems kind of silly. But just in case:


Just start with your plate, and cut in half. We also added bite marks for fun.


Paint the center of your plate pink (we mixed our own colors).


Then paint the outside green. Give it all some drying time, then it’s time to add your seed fingerprints.


Isaiah’s turned out waaaaay better than mine. As usual. What is it about kids’ art that is infinitely better than anything we adults could ever create? I think the secret is in the imperfection.

Isaiah had fun pretending to eat his…


And naturally, we had to have a watermelon snack immediately after.


Our watermelons are on our fridge now. But I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things you could do with these!


  • Make a whole watermelon, then cute for a simple math lesson
  • String several together to make a summer garland
  • Or how cute would these pay as a place setting for a Summer BBQ?



¬†And now I’m off to make more..

2 Responses to “Fingerprint Watermelon”

  1. Kimberly Ellertson

    I really love this one! The easy ones are the BEST! We took a break from “theme months” this month, but perhaps I’ll figure out a way to weave this one in for June. Now to come up with a theme in the next two days…

    • Alli Aars

      Agree, Kimberly! The easy ones ARE the best. Sometimes I see super-involved crafts for toddlers and I’m like, “whaaa???”

      I need something quick, easy, and made from stuff we have on hand. Otherwise it doesn’t happen!