We struck out on our own today, skipping the day trip to Pompei and instead taking the train to Florence. It was quite possibly the most perfect Italian day… sun shining, and the best tour guide a girl could ask for. For those of you who don’t know, Michael used to live in Florence, and still remembers it like the back of his hand. We’re on the train back to Rome as I write… and tomorrow it’s Rome in the morning, then Athens by sunset.

Too many gorgeous pictures from today, but we will leave you with one from this morning. Nothing like starting your day off right with breakfast at the local market.

Buona sera!

(and I finally slept last night! Success!)

Location:Florence, Italy

One Response to “Firenze!”

  1. The Mitchells

    SO glad that you slept well and SO glad that Michael got to show you his Florence…I’ll bet it was perfect and you guys deserve all the wonderful memories that you are making!