fun finds

I have to credit Michael for this one. He saw these fridge magnets and brought them home, knowing they were right up my alley. Absolutely love them- they look just like cork board pins.

They’ll be perfect for my office, since having them around the house might be a little risky with a soon-to-be-crawler, should they fall.

But clever, right? Not only are they clever, they work- the magnets are super strong.

Here are some other fun finds…

Love this. It’s a foam bathtub for baby that goes right in your sink and and stores flat when you are done! I just might be trading in my big bulky baby tub for this one next time around.

Let me just say that I would make tea every day if I had this.
How adorable is this car seat organizer? As if organizing wasn’t fun enough already (am I the only one who thinks that?)
 OK, I can’t find this iPad cover anywhere now. It used to be here, but now it’s gone. How ingenious and heartwarming all at the same time.
 Best. Tissue Box. Ever. (Etsy, of course.)
 I’ve decided Isaiah can have a goldfish, but only if he has this fishbowl.
And if only I had this one for Isaiah’s upcoming baptism festivities. Maybe his first birthday… whoever thought of this deserves a high five, or at least a slice of cake.