happiness is…

happiness is… A vintage dress shop. They just don’t make dresses like they used to. These little boutiques are rare gems. If you can find one, stay awhile. Try on everything you can, throw on your sunglasses and scarf, and pretend to be Marilyn for a day. That’s a day well spent.


happiness is… Moments you know you will never forget.


happiness is… Disneyland. I mean, c’mon. Is there any other place on the planet that can make you feel 5 years old again? They say time travel doesn’t exist. I say it does, and in the form of a mouse.


happiness is… Texas skies. Montana’s got nothing on us.


happiness is… Italian lunches. Prosciuttto and cheese with an espresso to go? In Florence? Why yes, Grazie.


happiness is… your children. Even if one of them is furry.


happiness is… The Fourth of July. There’s something special about the 4th in Texas. It was never quite the same while I lived in LA. Maybe it’s the BBQ. Maybe it’s the Texas heat. Maybe it’s the firework shows. Or maybe it’s being surrounded by ones that you love, and being thankful not only for the country we live in- but our loved ones who live here.


happiness is… Outtake pictures. Every good vacation has them. The weak delete them immediately. The strong display them proudly, and laugh.

Getting loopy and homesick at this point

happiness is… Skilos. That’s Greek for dogs. I have a book that’s called “Cat spelled backwards doesn’t spell God.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.


happiness is… A name for your child to be known by as long as he walks the earth; carefully picked especially for him, from thousands. It’s so much more than a word, it’s history- another leaf on the family tree.


happiness is… A husband who makes you laugh. Every minute. Every hour. Every day.


happiness is… Knowing your little one feels safe in your arms. There’s no better sound in the world than that contented sigh. Love.