Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a safe and joyous New Year Celebration. We spent a wonderful evening with friends, and spent the next day rightfully relaxing and recovering.

I spent most of New Years day thinking about my resolutions.

That’s right. Plural. I’m ambitious this year, people.

Mostly I was thinking about how I usually tend to create one gigantic resolution that’s pretty much impossible to keep, therefore making absolutely certain that I fail miserably before February even hits.

For instance, last year’s resolution was “to not let work stress get to me.” Yeah. Try that one when you take on a brand new job with a brand new set of responsibilities effective January 1st. I think that resolution was busted before it even began.

So this year, I’m trying something different. I am making New Year’s resolutionS. A list of things that I want to do this year, that I can aim for…. and do my best to work on. The word of the day is: attainable.

Here goes…

1. Take better care of myself: Work out more (OK, work out at all). Find a work out that I enjoy doing, that I look forward to. Take quiet time for myself. Walk more. Eat healthier (I’m willing to try). I’m just not sure how much longer I can get away with the Texas State Fair diet.

2. Buy pretty sheets: Silly, I know. But I’ve always had plain white. Simple, plain white sheets- which I love. But this is the year. This is the year I spring for pretty patterned sheets. Even if they do go out of style, I can say that I did it. I was once young, wild and crazy, and (gasp) impractical!

3. Move forward: I’m not very good at this. Never have been. I dwell, pretty much on everything. From saying the right thing, to doing the right thing. I want to let go of those things in life, big or small, that have a negative hold on me- feel the weight lifted and (where I usually stall) move on.

4. Drink more water: I used to be really good at this. Not sure what happened. But now I am pretty much down to a glass a day. It’s not that I am even drinking other things, I just don’t drink anything. It’s horrible. I’m a cactus. This one could have been listed under #1 but it’s so important I figured it deserved it’s own spot. I will drink more water, I will drink more water, I will drink more water…

5. Disconnect with technology: Dang that iphone. I can’t put it down. It’s embarrassing. I’ve somehow become addicted to my email (both work and personal), facebook, twitter, you name it. I need to disconnect, literally… and connect back into the real world. This kind of thing doesn’t get better on it’s own, you have to force yourself. Starting…. now. OK, well… after I finish this post.

6. Collect Sea Paintings: I love the ocean. I love paintings. Enough said! No, really… I adore seaside paintings. Especially oil paintings. Rocky water, sandy beaches, Cape Cod, Americana sea ships…. they take me away. Staring into them is a mini-escape for me, and I want more mini-escapes in my life.

7. Live my own life: How do I put this one? I want to live my own life and not someone else’s. I want to do the things I want to do, not the things others want me to do. I want to be who I want to be, not who other people want me to be. And I want to live up to my own standards, not the standards that other people set for me. I want to be true to me, and who I really am.

And enter Michael, who upon just reading over my shoulder says his New Year’s resolution is to “help his wife accomplish 7 things”.

Happy New Year, dear family and friends. We pray you will be blessed throughout the year to come!

One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Beck

    I love this list. Probably my favorite two things are the sheets and the seaside pictures. Love the specificity and the do-ableness! I’m totally gonna be on the lookout for those…

    For the past five years I’ve had the same resolution: answer my phone when it rings. I’m done with it. I just hate the phone (except, like you, to read FB, Twitter, play games…etc.)