Hello, my name is Allison… and I’m a Halloween addict.

I just thought I should come clean since it’s October 1st. If I were completely honest, I would share that I decorated the house two weeks ago, and have already scoured two Halloween Superstores. Sigh. You pretty much know you have a problem when your grocery list is as follows…

Dry Ice

It’s my absolute favorite holiday, and I always feel slightly wrong for admitting that to others. I can usually count on getting the “even over Christmas?!?” intensive stare which can also be translated to “are you nuts?”. Hear me out, folks. Halloween is the most creative holiday. It’s the one holiday that’s focused around letting your imagination run wild. It’s the one holiday where you get to pretend to be someone/something else that you are not. It’s the one holiday where there’s no idea too big or too small. It’s limitless… I’m just lucky that Michael shares the same affinity for all things ghoulish and spook-tacular.

What’s on my Halloween wish-list this year? An ingenious Mona Lisa replica, complete with art gallery frame… but mind you, don’t get too close- or you may see another side of this lovely lady. Here are few pics of the decorations so far. Look closely, and you’ll see that Felix invited a few friends over.

We’ll post our Halloween costume pic on the big night- and not one bit earlier. We wouldn’t want to give it away, now would we?