Hold that train!

For the last two years my mom, my sister, and I have been trying to get a train trip on the calendar. It was a present from the both of us to Mom a few years back. (I know… daughters of the year, right?)

Well, I am determined to make this the year. You reading, Mom and Alicia? I don’t care where we go, or when we go. But there is one important requirement:

Round suitcases.

You see, I’ve never taken an overnight trip on a train before. But I vowed that if I ever did… I would meet that train in style. I’m talking round suitcase, sunglasses and scarf. The whole she-bang.

Note: This is also my plan if I am ever successful in making it onto a private jet. However, in that unlikely situation, I will also be requiring black and white photos of the occasion – and I may insist on others calling me Jackie O…

For the last couple of years I’ve been on the hunt for three round suitcases, one for each of us. Wouldn’t that make a picture we would treasure for life?

These things are hard to come by, especially a) in good shape and b) without costing me my first born.

I adored this one on Etsy, but alas – I was too late to the party.

via Etsy

Throughout the search, I’ve discovered my fondness not only for round suitcases – but for vintage suitcases in general. I adore their look, and the sense of romantic adventure they imply.

Pinterest via Allison Aars

I’ve always been a fan of stacked suitcases as a design element, but lately they’ve been popping up in a variety of other ways. As footstools or benches…

via design sponge

Or sewing organizers… (I heart).

Pinterest via Allison Aars

And how cute are they as props in this photo shoot?

via September Blue Photography

This one has to be my personal favorite. Now, if only we could get Hershey to sleep in anything other than our bed…

Pinterest via Allison Aars

I’m more determined than ever to find the perfect round suitcases. They’re out there somewhere, I know it. Let it be known that I simply refuse to take a train trip without one.

Because just maaaaaybe I have a plan to hop on board in the nick of time, as the train pulls away, waving goodbye to my long lost love.

(Any stranger will do.)