Howdy, Folks

It’s that time of year again, time for the one-and-only State Fair of Texas. If you’ve never been, I’m not going to candy apple sugar coat it… you are just missing out. That’s all there is to it. But fear not, you have three more weeks to bask in all of it’s deep-fried glory.


We get season tickets every year, which most people think is crazy– until I explain it like this: You can go to the fair once, spend about 8 hours trying to see everything in sight, and finally cave after your feet feel like they’ve melted to the pavement. OR you can get a season pass, and go to the fair whenever you want… not feeling any pressure in particular to see this or that, because there’s always next time. You are 100% free to see the fair on your own terms. And that, my friends, is the way to do it.






Each year, someone tries to come up with some shock-value, awful-for-you, why-would-you-ever-try-that, tasty treat. Last year’s was chicken fried bacon, this year’s is fried butter. Horribly unappetizing, I know. But sometimes, you just have to go for the gusto.



It’s actually pretty good, if you can get mentally past what you are eating (and that last picture). It’s basically biscuit batter with a pat of butter, fried– and that’s exactly what it tastes like. So if you’ve ever put butter on your biscuit at breakfast, you’ve tasted fried butter. I was nervous taking the first bite, but once I did, I was begging for some grape jelly (which they happened to have on hand). They give you four, but I wouldn’t recommend eating more than one, because of the richness. The consensus? It was worth it, if nothing else… for the experience alone.

If you do try the fried butter, let me go ahead and tell you what NOT to do next. That would be, go on the Crazy Mouse.


I’m not big on rides, and Michael is– so sadly there aren’t many that we can ride together. I can’t “mix motions” etc., so the Pirate Ship is about as crazy as I get. Last year, I spied this smallish roller coaster for kids and thought, now there’s something I can tackle.


Even Michael almost peed in his pants. Folks, don’t let looks deceive you. This is a serious thrill ride. Nothing has ever made me think I was actually going to die, but this ride succeeded.

So last night we are at the fair with our good friends Tom and Tami, and we come across “the Mouse” (as I’ve now coined it) not long after the fried butter encounter. I begin telling them how misleading this ride is, and how hysterical Michael and I had been last year, laughing for 15 minutes straight after the ride was over…. and soon, I found myself talking us all into riding it.

What are you doing? You can’t do this ride, again, Allison. Are you crazy? YOU ALMOST DIED!!

You guessed it. We did it. And let’s just say Tom and Tami are now believers. We screamed the entire time, with yours truly yelling “Never again! NEVER AGAIN!” over and over. And over.

If you come across the Crazy Mouse this year, please….ride it. And remember us. Just don’t do it after eating fried butter.

We are looking forward to many more trips this season (with more pics to post I am sure), AND a ride on this one…..