Our Insta-Week

It’s been a week. And it’s not even over yet. Ever have one of those? Someone please tell me I’m not the only one. Because I have them often.

I’m waist deep in party prep for Samuel’s first birthday party this weekend. I’m usually on top of these things, making and creating months in advance. But this time? I left it all for the last week. I feel like I’m cramming for the big test.

I got this, I thought. As long as this week runs smoothly, I can get everything done right on schedule. 

Then the boys got sick. Then I got sick. Nothing drastic, just Summer colds. But it’s been enough to weigh us down and halt all productivity.

One of the worst parts of Stay-At-Home-Mommyhood is the lack of sick days, if you ask me. And even worse: working HARDER on your sick days, cause everyone around you is sick.

Our week has been filled with pajamas, pajamas, and more pajamas. It’s been movie-watching, party-planning, nap-taking, and tylenol-dosing.

And cuddles. It’s been filled with cuddles. One of the very BEST parts of Stay-At-Home-Mommyhood, if you ask me. Especially on the sick days.

We don’t have much to post about, because this has been our life. But we will share our Insta-week.

Are y’all on Instagram? PLEASE find me if you are (@alliaars). It is by far my favorite means of social media. I’m actually slightly addicted to it. I just love sharing snapshots of our life, and seeing snapshots of yours. I love that level of connection.

And quite frankly, I just love rooting other Mommies on…all over the world. We’re in this thing together, sick days or not, so why not experience it all together as well? I think it’s so important to what we do. We need to build each other up, support one another, and love each other from afar.

I’ll stop now. Because there’s babies to be fed and party work to do.

But not without our Insta-week. Let’s see…we’ve got Sammy riding his new firetruck, my DIY ribbon bunting, Isaiah watching old Goofy cartoons, us at the Lionel Richie concert (Hello?! Is it me you’re looking for???), and Sammy baby’s new favorite face. (Such the jokester, that one. I think he’s going to be class clown.)

Enjoy! And love to you all!