Learning To Walk

Learning to Walk

Samuel’s been learning to walk these days.

I know, I know. He’s a bit late to the party at fifteen months. But Isaiah was a late walker and…can I be honest for a minute?

I love it.

There’s something about walking that takes the baby out of your baby. More than any milestone, walking means the “toddler transition” has officially begun. And call me crazy, but I want my baby for as long as he’ll let me have him.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes…

Samuel LOVES to practice his walking.

His favorite pass time is waddling towards me from across the room–arms reaching out, grinning ear to ear, eyes wide with delight. And the second he gets to me, he falls gleefully into my arms.

In that moment my heart bursts with pride.

I mean, literally. It feels like my heart might burst right out of my chest. It hurts, even. But a good hurt.

Then he gently pushes me backward so he can do it all over again.

Learning to Walk

And the very best part is how he lingers in my arms–hugging my neck, and holding onto me with everything he has. It fills my heart with joy.

We play this game thousands of times a day. Walk, fall, hug, repeat.

And the thing that gets me every time, is his trust.

Think about it. It’s scary to take your first steps. It’s scary to lose your balance. It’s even scarier to fall. But he never doubts that I’ll be there. He never doubts I’ll catch him.

Sometimes I think we’re all “learning to walk” at times in our lives. Taking new jobs, starting relationships, having babies, facing new challenges…hard challenges. Starting over after divorce, battling addiction, or facing life after losing a loved one.

We are constantly stepping out on wobbly legs. And more often than not (tell me I’m not the only one?) we’re too scared to even begin. Too afraid to take a step. Because falling is scary for grown-ups, too.

But what if we could have the faith of a child? What if we could remember that someone’s there. Someone’s got us…

No matter what.

Think how much easier it would be. Think of the steps (no LEAPS) we could take, and the mountains we could climb.

I like to imagine God’s heart bursting with pride when we trust him, just like mine does with Samuel. I like to imagine his face beaming when we take our first steps, and courageously fall into his arms.

And oh, the joy he must feel we linger–hanging onto him with everything we have. Never to let go…

2 Responses to “Learning To Walk”

  1. Jennifer

    Beautiful! And so true. God has revealed so much to me about His love for us through being a mom. I love this post!