Mary, Mary, quite contrary

…how does your garden grow?

Much better now, thank you.

We spent all of last weekend (and some of the weekend before) working in the yard. It is now officially in tip-top shape and ready for fall.

Lawn cut? Check.
Weeds gone? Check.
New plants in front, back, side and the courtyard? Check.
New mulch everywhere? Check.
Not having to work again until spring? Check, please.

We took some Canna from my parents’ house and planted it along our back fence. Thanks Mom for sharing and thanks Dad for meeting us, cigar in hand, to help dig it up!


We replaced the dead Azaleas (Who knew you couldn’t plant them in full sun? Write it in the books for next year) with new Nandina– which we know without a doubt does splendidly in our yard. It’s just gorgeous in fall.


And my favorite part…. the Pampas grass, which we planted outside our living room windows to create some privacy from the neighbors’ house. There is something about seeing Pampas grass outside a window that instantly makes me feel like I’ve escaped to the East Coast. I feel like sipping hot tea and painting lighthouses. Cape Cod, eat your heart out…


Then there’s the courtyard, which gets better and better every year. This year, I found galvanized plant markers that made my heart skip a beat. It was love at first sight.

We also decided to attempt a rose bush (back middle). We picked one called ‘Jude the Obscure.’ I fell in love with it’s delicate peony-like roses and their light citrus fragrance. It took me a week to figure out just what they smelled like, and wouldn’t you know it’s grapefruit?!

So now I call them my pink grapefruit roses.


Flowers from the garden (the light pink are Jude the Obscure)…


And because I didn’t get a chance to share our hydrangea’s earlier this summer…


Now if only we could get our yard to look like this all year round. :)

Tonight it’s off to the opening night of the State Fair of Texas. It’s finally here! Happy weekend!