Meet “Wheezy”


That’s what I’ve named him anyways. He’s the new family humidifier that’s been camping out in Isaiah’s room. He’s serving double duty since Isaiah and I have both been under the weather. In fact, I’m pretty sure I heard Wheezy mutter something about over-time pay. Can you believe that? First week on the job, too.

We’ve seen better days around here. Isaiah has his first nasty cold: cue the sound of my heart breaking. Regardless of how horrible I am feeling or how behind I am getting by missing work… all I can do is worry about my little man. 


We’ve been doing some rainy day reading, and getting as much rest as we can in order to kick this “code” to the curb. As miserable as we both are, it’s been nice to be able to comfort one another. They say misery loves company, but who wouldn’t love this guy’s company? With or without the misery.

Praying he feels better soon…