MWAH hah ha ha…


It was Halloween Decoration weekend at the Aars family household. Is it sad that we set aside a weekend for that? I’m going to channel Ellie on this one and say, I don’t think so.

It’s my favorite weekend in Fall, and I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. This is actually way late in the game for us, but life happens. Plus, you can’t get those pumpkins too early, or you have a soggy sad mess on your hands. Am I right?

The bonus in waiting? The fall weather decided to show up just for the occasion. In fact, we came back from a cold, crisp day at the Farmer’s Market to enjoy our first cozy fire of the season.



It also made for a quicker trip in picking pumpkins, since we were close to the only people there. I was worried too, because this year my list (yes, I make a pumpkin list… laugh it up) was involved to say the least.

And now, drum roll please…. the Halloween digs! Hope you enjoy the pics.

The mice return, much to Hershey’s chagrin…




I allow myself one new decoration purchase every year (this is for my own good, people, otherwise I’d clean the Halloween Superstores out and have a very angry husband. It’s like rationing…). This year we left with the dungeon cage chandelier. I regret nothing.


I decided to have some fun with the dining room centerpiece. This is Michael’s *fake skull from bachelorhood, propped up on a bowl within a bowl. Then I took some fabric flowers I had lying around, spray painted them black, and tucked them inside…leaving just a little bit of their original color to peek through. I added the green flowers in front for a nice mix of sweet n’ scary.


OK, I confess. So maybe I cheated on my own rule this year. But who in their right mind could resist black candles that drip blood?


In other news: After two years of wanting to chop off my long hair, I finally got up the courage. 8 inches later….what do you think?



* I don’t know why I felt the need to clarify here. But just in case. It is, indeed, fake. As much as we love Halloween, no real skull has passed through these doors……. yet. MWAH hah ha ha. Ok, just kidding. But seriously though, it’s fake.

2 Responses to “MWAH hah ha ha…”

  1. Beck

    Love the decorations. LOVE the ‘do. But more than anything else, love that you snuck in a catch phrase from the Lubbock ’04 trip: “I regret nothing!”

  2. Maria Beck, ASID

    You’re such a little Martha! I love the decorations :-) I didn’t get to put anything up this year except 2 tin pumpkins…*tear* All my decos are in storage :-(
    Love how you got yo’ wig split ;-)