Nature Month: Fingerprint bluebonnets

I just had to teach Isaiah about bluebonnets. I wouldn’t be a true Texan if I didn’t, right Dad? We haven’t had a chance to see any in person yet this year, but before we ventured out I thought we would make some of our own. Perfect for nature month.


I decided to make this a fun “Mommy and Baby” project, by using both of our fingerprints.

(And yes, I still call him my baby)

I got the project started while Isaiah was napping, that way my prints would have time to dry. I used my ruler to draw several green lines (using a green sharpie) and then added my finger prints sparingly, to make sure we’d have room for his.


I chose to use blue paint for my prints, and purple paint for Isaiah’s.

As soon as he woke up, we pulled out the purple paint and got to work. I taught him how to use one finger (and that’s major restraint for a two-year-old) then we added his prints throughout the page. I absolutely love how it turned out…


Next stop, a real Texas bluebonnet field!

3 Responses to “Nature Month: Fingerprint bluebonnets”

  1. Anonymous

    neat I idea. think bout doing this with my daughter Jessica. she will be 2 in June. thanks for sharing !