Nature Month: Rain Art


It’s back to nature month this week, and we kicked things off by making rain art…

Super easy activity, just a bowl of blue tinted water and an eye dropper. Oh, and paper. Or in Isaiah’s case…several pieces of paper.


Then all you do is let your kiddo go to town dropping water onto the paper. Isaiah needed a little “coaching” on how to use the eye dropper, but once he got it down, he was a pro.

_MG_0180 We did this project outside, since it was the perfect Spring day. And that way you don’t have to worry about blue drops on your carpet. At the very least, make sure you are in your kitchen so you can wipe away the mess.


There you go…a fun, easy, and cheap little Spring day activity. And a great way to learn about rain. :)

4 Responses to “Nature Month: Rain Art”

  1. Kaley

    What a fun, simple idea. We will for sure be doing this one!

  2. Alli Aars {You have your blog, we have Aars}

    Hope you try it! It was so easy (no joke, 2 minutes of set up) and Isaiah loved it.

  3. Anonymous

    I have twin 2 year old boys and I just found your blog. I LOVE LOVE it. Your ideas are so wonderful and I will be using lots of them. Thank you for taking the time to post them. My boys and I are truly grateful!! Thanks agin for all your fun ideas:)))

  4. Alli Aars {You have your blog, we have Aars}

    I’m so glad you like it! I figure, as long as I’m doing these activities with my own kiddo, maybe sharing them can help other Mommies too. :) Thanks so much for commenting! It made my day!