Nature Month: Water play

We were lucky enough to kick off our nature month with a few rainy days this week. So we took full advantage and set up water table. In the rain!


It was unplanned and impromptu (really, that’s how easy it was). But I figured, what better way to learn about rain and water than to get our hands wet? Literally. Plus, I already knew that this kid loves to play with water.

I set Isaiah’s play table up outside as it started to sprinkle. Note: this was a light rain, folks. Perfect for water play. Not sure I’d do this in a downpour.

Then we got out his rainbow tray (which we use for crafts, play-doh, you name it) and a few odds and ends that we had on hand: clear plastic cups, a wire wisk, a wooden spoon, a plastic plate for collecting rain drops, and a small metal bowl.


Truly, it’s the simple things that keep toddlers entertained, isn’t it?

We filled the bowl with water and went to town. We collected rain drops on our plate (great for learning about water in nature) practiced pouring from bowl to cup (for hand-eye coordination and manipulative skills), stirring (for scientific concepts like consistency and float/sink), and moving water from cup to cup (concentration and problem solving skills, plus mathematical skills of full/empty).

Love his little face in this picture…such concentration!


In my short time as a Mommy, I’ve learned to never underestimate the value of water play. Such a great way for kids to connect first hand with a natural element, and let’s be honest, have a blast at the same time. :) Which is the part that they remember most!

2 Responses to “Nature Month: Water play”

  1. Lisa

    Cute! Another great water play task is just a bucket of water and a paint brush, then let them paint the house, the drive, the car….bless em!