Now that I have your full attention

Have you ever Google imaged the word detox? It’s crazy. So many products out there, all designed to rid your body of toxins.

We’re in the middle of a series called OLD SCHOOL at Cornerstone – talking about early religious practices we tend to think are outdated, and challenging that very thought. Confession. Communion. Language. I mean really, people don’t talk like they used to in the Bible. Isn’t language at the very least outdated?

Last week we talked about Fasting. You can see the sermon here. I think our minds go straight to food when we hear the word “fasting.” And it usually has to do with an annual physical (am I right?). But really, you can fast from anything. We learned that our goal in fasting should should be this: taking something out of our lives in order to make room for God.

So… we challenged our congregation to a three day fast.

Day one: food.

Day two: television.

Day three: technology (cell phones, email, texting, video games).

Wanna know what I found out? Fasting works. When I took all the time I would have spent on technology (talking on my phone, texting, checking email every 5 minutes) and used that time talking to God… my life was better for it. Not only that,  but I realized just how much attention I’ve been giving to technology.

I got to thinking: What is all this technology/media craze doing to our family lives? To our marriages? To our children? To our personal health? I’m just scratching the surface here, so I’m no expert. But I do know that it can’t be good for our iPhones to be the last thing we see at night, and the first thing we see in the morning. Surely more peaceful sleep awaits, minus the smart phone.


I’ve decided to “detox.” Being a working Mom is busy enough as is, without wasting time checking email constantly, texting, and the addictive black hole they call facebook. And now Google plus? Give a girl a break.

Technology can be good. But everything in moderation, I always say. There IS such thing as too much of a good thing.

I’m putting the phone down. Putting the email down. Putting facebook down. Putting the toxins down. And I hope you’ll join me.

I’m on fire about the notion of reclaiming my evenings. My sleep. My time with my family. And you know what?

My life will be better for it.

Not only that…

I can’t wait to see the work that God can do in my life, now that He has my full attention.

(And just for kicks, here’s the series teaser. We had a lot of fun shooting this with the talented Kate Miner…)