one month!

What a joy Isaiah is. All in all, he is a great baby – so far. That won’t ever change, right? ;)

He’s had two great doctor reports so far, and we go for our one month appointment on Monday.

Milestones this month? He’s definitely discovered his hands. He’s been holding his pacifier in from week one. He’s also started to grasp his hands together, interlocking fingers. He’s got great head control (he loves his tummy time). And in the past week he’s been a lot more alert during feedings and awake time. He’s even started to be a bit more vocal.

Isaiah is a VERY active baby. But I could have told you that from being pregnant with him. We aren’t sure how much longer the swaddle is going to last, since his nickname around here is “Houdini”. He manages to escape every swaddle form we can come up with, even the miracle blanket. And now he’s taken to staying awake entirely through three hour naps, spending his time “attempting daring escapes.” He never stops moving. At the end of a nap, it’s quite usual for me to find his head at the opposite end of the crib from where I left him.

Mommy and Daddy are doing well, just sleep deprived. But we’re not complaining, we’re just thrilled we have a happy, healthy baby. He may not be sleeping through the night (which we wouldn’t expect so early) but at least he sleeps! He’s had the occasional fussy night, but in general he loves his sleep, and he loves to “sleep in” in the mornings. We think he gets that from his Mommy.

Here are a few pics of him throughout the month!

one week

tiny feet

tummy time
two weeks

first bath

first outing
one month

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  1. Beck

    Great modesty shot in the tub! I think about you all the time & often consider stopping by but I know how precious this sleep-training/schedule/newborn enjoyment time is…just know you guys are prayed for!