The “Perfect” Vacation

We’re back from Colorado. And we’ve recovered.


We spent the past week in beautiful Estes Park, with wonderful and cherished friends. It couldn’t have been more amazing.

And if you know anything about our trip, you might think I was crazy to say that.

We won’t talk about the “how” (because it might be the parenting FAIL of the century) but during our drive up, Sammy took about a four foot tumble–landing head first onto asphalt. We stopped right where we were and called our doctor, who advised us to stay put and watch him closely.

We did just that, in a nearby Barnes and Noble (which turned out to be the perfect place). And as soon as we were out of the woods for any real danger (Praise God) we got back on the road.

We arrived in Estes Park around 11pm (our fourteen hour road trip turned eighteen) and put the kids to bed. Then at 12:45pm sharp, I woke up to the most horrifying scream. You know the kind…where you leap straight out of bed, lump in your throat, running to get to your child before your eyes have even adjusted?

Poor Isaiah was sick. And since this was his first “stomach bug” experience, he was terrified. We did our best to calm him, but the episodes went on well into the morning.

Then I caught his bug, and well…by day 4 of our 7 day vacation, after visiting the Urgent Care in town, things finally started to normalize.

And if that wasn’t enough, I broke my toe on the last day there. No, not hiking. Kicking my suitcase while packing. (I think I should make up a better story, don’t you? How’s this: I got in a kickboxing fight. With a bear. )

With such an “eventful” trip…it would be easy to think we felt cheated. Right?

But the thing is, it truly was amazing.

Was our vacation perfect? No. But in my humble opinion, it was pretty darn close.

We had a terrifying accident on the way up, but were blessed with great doctors to see us through. The Barnes and Noble staff let us camp out on their floor, and turned the other cheek as our kids ripped apart the Children’s section (still sorry about that, B&N). The kindness they displayed to a Mother in tears was simply overwhelming.

When we were up all night with Isaiah, we woke up to dear friends taking care of us. They cooked us breakfast and offered to watch Samuel. They were the epitome of grace, even after we exposed their kids to our sickness (and us Mama Bears know how frustrating that is…on vacation no less).

Sure, we were pretty much house-bound for the first three days, but the views were spectacular. I mean, if you are going to be sick, by all means…do it near Rocky Mountain National Park!

And I broke my toe, yes. But on the very last night. No hiking in sight, just a two day car-ride ahead of us, and the perfect opportunity to “ice and elevate.”

Upon our return to Dallas, I learned of a family who was tragically killed on their way home from their own family vacation–not far from where we had been. A fatigued driver hit them head on. And they’ve been on my mind ever since.

So how was our vacation? Let me tell you. It was pretty amazing. We saw some beautiful sights, and spent wonderful time with friends. But more than that? My family is well, my foot is mending, and we are all home safe and sound. And we are blessed beyond measure. Rich in friendship and love.

Who could ask for anything more.

Thanks for the memories, Colorado. It honestly couldn’t have been any closer to “perfect.”