R & R


Ah, Santa Fe. How beautiful you are.

We had such a wonderful time relaxing there this past weekend. It was intended to be our last vacation as “just the two of us.” Although our baby boy arguably made his presence known by squirming and kicking the entire trip. No complaints here, though. I enjoy every kick as though he is telling me “I’m alright Mom. Got anymore of those Nilla Wafers?”

We stayed at a beautiful resort just one block off of the plaza called La Posada. If you intend to head to Santa Fe in the near future, you simply must look this place up. Our room was heavenly. It was practically our own adobe pueblo – complete with fireplace, patio, living room… you name it. The grounds are stunning, service is impeccable, and the food is delightful.





We spent most of our time in the plaza itself, all four days in fact- just strolling, window shopping, people watching, and enjoying the beautiful Santa Fe fall weather. It was so nice to slow down and fall in love all over again. We also enjoyed the Labor Day festivities that began there on Saturday- it was like our own mini State Fair. No fried beer, though.


I fell in love with this gorgeous painting. I can just see it in the perfect Hollywood bungalow, white furniture, linen drapes, rustic touches and french doors to a poolside deck in the same cascading blues… can’t get it out of my mind.


I also stumbled upon a new favorite store, called ACC Home. A shame they don’t have any locations outside of Santa Fe. If you are headed that way, stop by and pay a visit. They have the most amazing collection of furniture, antiques, relics and more. I could have walked away with the entire store in another life, with another salary.


Each day we took the car out for about an hour to explore. New Mexico is simply stunning, but then- we already knew that, didn’t we? It was so relaxing taking in the surroundings, and being with the one I love.



Santa Fe, thank you for the memories. You are a true treasure and we hope to meet again someday.

Much love,

Allison & Michael (plus 1/2)