Sammy’s Sky Party

So the posts have been lacking around here, all because we’ve been busy getting ready for THIS PARTY.

It feels real now. We officially have a one-year-old. It always takes the party to prove it. ;)

I’ve known since Sammy was born that I wanted to throw him a “Sky Party.”

He’s my rainbow baby. And that is something so very special to me. So I wanted to honor the God-given gift that he is, and celebrate with an ode to the Heavens.

We had rainbows, clouds, planes, hot air balloons…you name it. The sky was the limit. (See what I did there?)

Here’s a few pics from the day…


The ribbon bunting was my subtle nod to the rainbow–tutorial coming later this week. It’s literally the easiest tutorial ever, but still worth sharing.

And the cake. Oh, the cake. It just might be my favorite one I’ve ever made. The toppers just melt my heart. Each one made with love for my little man. I squealed out loud when I finished it. Ask Michael.








And how amazing are these cookies?! A friend of mine made them. There is NO WAY I could ever tackle anything that daunting. I keep telling her she needs to start a business. I’m serious, Alice!


Sammy's Sky Party


One year pictures covering the mantel, courtesy of Alicia Skinner Photography.


And ribbon bunting on our double door wreaths. I made these wreaths almost a year ago, and I still adore them. You can change the decor to match the season (or party, in this case). The How-To is here.


The favors were little clothespin airplanes, complete with hand-drawn instructions.


And what’s a party without a photo-booth, right?! Samuel had his very own Hot Air Balloon photo station.

We simply bought a large roll of white craft paper (4 feet wide), sketched out the balloon, and placed a large basket (World Market) in front of it. Big props (get it? I’m on a roll!) to Michael for helping me put this together. I was such a hit. And the pictures turned out just precious.


It was such a perfect day. I truly loved every minute of celebrating my Sammy baby.

Now…time to start planning his 2nd. ;)

We love you, Samuel. We love you more than all the stars. And we hope you loved your party half as much as we loved throwing it for you.


Mommy and Daddy


20 Responses to “Sammy’s Sky Party”

  1. Kimberly Ellertson

    This is really precious! I love the little touch with the framed poem. And the hot air balloon photo booth is tre best part for sure! I want to do a Sky Day just to recreate all of this!!

  2. Alicia Skinner

    Brilliant ideas! Everything was absolutely adorable!

  3. Beth

    Those hot air balloon cookies are amazing! So sad that we missed the party :(

  4. Lenetta Weston

    You have your mothers artistic talent! I wish I could have done that with my boys but I was too busy trying to keep them (and me) out of trouble!

  5. Tami

    Love it! This is too cute. I need your expertise for a party for my sweet Hubby!

  6. KC Parenteau

    i love the cake topper!! My lil grandson turned one today!! I need to make this!!

  7. betty

    Looks like a great party! could you please tell me where you got the white paper for the backdrop? thanks!

  8. Dizzy

    I’m throwing an airplane party for my 3 year old rainbow baby. I absolutely fell in love with your cake topper! How did you get the clothes pin airplane on a skewer?

    • Alli Aars

      So glad you liked it! I just carefully glued the clothespin airplane to the skewer (using hot glue). It held up beautifully!!! Hope that helps!

  9. Joan

    Love the sky party cake toppers. Any how-to tutorials on the kites and clouds? We’re doing a Mary Poppins themed birthday and I’m getting a sheet cake. Love the kites and clouds idea for the birthday cake. What all parts does one need for the cake toppers?

    • Alli Aars

      Hi Joan! Thanks for writing. I honestly didn’t do a tutorial for the toppers because they were so easy! I just used wooden skewers and attached felted scrap booking stickers that I found at Michaels. And I used hot glue to attach them. It literally took 5 minutes. Hope that helps! And I LOVE the Mary Poppins party idea. That sounds amazing!

  10. sharonna misha

    so lovely! loved the hot air balloon cookies and, especially, the cake!!
    did you make up how to make that airplane? so genius!
    …lastly, we have the same wall color as you do and i noticed how beautiful that clipper ship painting{?} looks against it- may i ask where you found that?! i love it!!

    • Alli Aars

      So sorry I am just now seeing this! Thank you! And I did make the airplane, thanks for your sweet comment on it. And it’s a print that I found at a paper shop in Florence, super inexpensive actually, and I had them framed just for that room. I wish I could find a paper shop like it here in the States! Thanks for reading. :)


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