Sammy’s Vintage Car Party

My boy loves cars. Any all kinds of cars. Fire trucks, trash trucks, race cars, speedsters…

Let’s just say he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to anything with wheels.

So what else could I do, but throw my baby his very own car party???

I just loved how it all came together (which, quite frankly, was a miracle this time around).

My favorite parts might have been the vintage car photo wall (a collection I scored on Ebay) and the “Vroom Vroom” cake. I love simple cakes with unique toppers, if you haven’t already noticed. ;)

And oh, how I loved the cookies. I knew just what I wanted and asked Frances at Banana Bakery if she could make them. Boy, did she exceed my expectations! If you live in the DFW area, you must look her up. Simply amazing.

I love throwing parties, especially for my babies. I’m starting to think it’s my love language.

It was such a fun day celebrating my sweet Samuel (who I STILL can’t believe is two). He was on cloud nine the entire day. Which–of course–meant Mommy was, too.

I’ve included a couple of snaps from the day (thanks to Alica Skinner Photography for capturing most of them!) If you are curious about sources, just shoot me an email. Happy to answer what I can!

And now, it’s time to start planning Isaiah’s fifth birthday party. (Seriously, I can’t even talk about it.)

Happy birthday, sweet Samuel. As always, I hope you loved your party as much as I loved throwing it for you. Just seeing you grin from ear to ear, that’s all I need in this life. I love you, baby. And your happiness is my happiness. Here’s to being two.

Love, Mommy

Vintage Car Party











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  1. Lisa Brown

    I love your birthday parties! And I LOVE the expression on Sammy’s face as he is about to blow out the candles.


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