Snow Day

We had an ice storm in Texas this week. No. Seriously. It wasn’t much, but the news sure made it out to be. It made me feel 10 years old again. Why is it so much fun to wake up, glue yourself to the television in your pajamas and socks, just to desperately wait for the alphabetical closing list to get to the “D’s” (Oh hurry-hurry, already).

I threw a little temper tantrum yesterday morning when I thought DISD wasn’t closed. Our policy at work is… if DISD is closed, so are we. I carefully scrolled down above said alphabetical list- and there was no sign of DISD. Insert tantrum here. I lay in bed stewing, refusing to budge out of sheer defiance- until Michael casually alerted me that I had been reading the wrong list. DISD was closed.

I knew that.

It wasn’t all-in-all a true Snow Day for either of us. Michael went in to work anyways, and I worked feverishly from home. All in all it was a good day to catch up on those little things that have just gone to the wayside since I took this new job. Things like, I don’t know, three weeks worth of dishes? Grocery shop for the first time since December? Finally sweep up the leftover Christmas tree needles?

When I got into work today- I dove right back in. Making my list of tasks to complete before Sunday. My boss stopped in and we talked for a while about the day off. The more I talked about what I did, the more pathetic I felt. But I was just too busy to let snow get in the way. Wasn’t I?

When I asked my boss (one of the busiest persons I’ve ever known) what he did, he said…

“We had a Snow Day. ”

The school was closed. They both turned off their cell phones. And spent the day together- as a family. All the while knowing everything else- because boy, was there a lot- could wait.

Today, I made a pact with myself. From now on, I am taking my Snow Days. And enjoying the heck out of ‘em too.
Hoping you are warm by a fire wherever you are!

2 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. The Mitchells

    I’ll take a “snow day” with you anytime…especially if it’s nice and warm outside. Just let me know when you need to call in “sick”.

  2. Beck

    Yea for an update! I have missed you!


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