Sports Month: Football Hand Prints


Football is probably my least favorite sport. (I know, I know, send in the pitchforks)

Blame it on lack of exposure growing up, but I’d rather watch baseball or basketball any day of the week.

Regardless, I’ve been doing my best to teach Isaiah the basics of the game. He’s only two, so catching and throwing (and touchdown celebrations) have been our biggest lesson.

Today we made a hand print football craft that I saw in the hallways of my old elementary school. I thought it was too clever, and we had to make one of our own. I let Isaiah place the football wherever he wanted, and he went straight for the catch. :)

Then we spent the rest of our morning finger painting. Because once the paints are out at our house, there’s no putting them up. Let’s just say we have about fifty masterpieces drying as we speak…