Sports Month: Toddler Tennis


I came across this idea when gathering inspiration for my post over at Modern Parents Messy Kids. It looked like so much fun, we decided to try it for ourselves.

I also figured that, slightly tweaked, it was the perfect opportunity to teach Isaiah about tennis (great for our sports month). He’s still a little young to understand, but he got the idea nonetheless.

It’s amazing how much fun a toddler can have with a balloon. Isn’t it? And Mom too, for that matter.

All we did was hot glue two paper plates (we used Chinette for sturdier “racquets”) to two popsicle sticks.  Next time we’ll probably use sturdier popsicle sticks as well, since ours came detached after about 20 minutes of play. (It was just as much fun without the racquet handles, though.)

Isaiah giggled the entire time. So I’d definitely say it was a hit. (A hit. Get it? I crack myself up…)