State Fair Month: Simple Carnival Games

Sometimes, we just rummage through our house to see what we could possibly re-use for our theme months. In order for me to be a stay at home mom, we have to stick to a tight budget. So using things we already own is a life-saver.

When I was coming up with our State Fair month activities, I knew we had to have some games. So, in a very “Minute to Win-it” moment, I turned to our plastic cup stash.

Then I confiscated some of my son’s toy balls, and volia. We had carnival games. Minus the carny.

We played “Knock ‘em down”…



“Ping Pong Cup” (the cups in the back row are five points, second row is ten, and the first row is twenty)…



And we even practiced our motor skills with some timed “Cup Stacking.” Our record was 11. Beat that! (No really, tell me if you beat eleven).


That’s right. We practiced. Those other State Fair-goers wont even know what hit ‘em.

Look out, Midway. Here comes the Aars family…