Sammy’s Vintage Car Party

My boy loves cars. Any all kinds of cars. Fire trucks, trash trucks, race cars, speedsters…

Let’s just say he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to anything with wheels.

So what else could I do, but throw my baby his very own car party???

I just loved how it all came together (which, quite frankly, was a miracle this time around).

My favorite parts might have been the vintage car photo wall (a collection I scored on Ebay) and the “Vroom Vroom” cake. I love simple cakes with unique toppers, if you haven’t already noticed. ;)

And oh, how I loved the cookies. I knew just what I wanted and asked Frances at Banana Bakery if she could make them. Boy, did she exceed my expectations! If you live in the DFW area, you must look her up. Simply amazing.

I love throwing parties, especially for my babies. I’m starting to think it’s my love language.

It was such a fun day celebrating my sweet Samuel (who I STILL can’t believe is two). He was on cloud nine the entire day. Which–of course–meant Mommy was, too.

I’ve included a couple of snaps from the day (thanks to Alica Skinner Photography for capturing most of them!) If you are curious about sources, just shoot me an email. Happy to answer what I can!

And now, it’s time to start planning Isaiah’s fifth birthday party. (Seriously, I can’t even talk about it.)

Happy birthday, sweet Samuel. As always, I hope you loved your party as much as I loved throwing it for you. Just seeing you grin from ear to ear, that’s all I need in this life. I love you, baby. And your happiness is my happiness. Here’s to being two.

Love, Mommy

Vintage Car Party











Disney Movie Nights: Cars

So…fun fact: We’re Disney fanatics.

Did you know that about us?

For me, it goes waaaay back.

I can actually remember tearing up as I walked into Disneyland for the very first time. I vowed right then and there that I would come back with my children (multiple times), and that Disney would be a huge part of my life.

I was six.

And sure enough, as I  grew, my Disney obsession grew right along with me. Just as it should be.

You know those commercials? Where the family of four is sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn…and the lights go down while the Disney movie starts to roll???

My life-long dream was to be THAT FAMILY.

I literally thought my heart might explode the first time I piled on the couch to watch a Disney movie with my boys. And I can’t say for sure, but I might have done an ugly cry.

Fast forward to today. It’s just as thrilling for me, every single time. It will NEVER get old.

And now that they are getting older, it’s the perfect time to add a little more FUN to it.

So we’re starting a new tradition called Disney Movie Nights.

Every Friday night is “family night” around our house. And about one Friday a month we do a movie night (most always Disney).

For our Disney Movie Nights, I pick the movie a few days ahead…then plan a simple dinner menu around it. Nothing fancy, just some fun themed food, and then we roll the movie. With cuddles. And pillows. On the couch.

Cue the sound of my heart beating.

This past week was CARS.


Y’all. You would have thought the boys had died and gone to heaven. We had Flo’s Fruit…


Mack’s Drive-In Popcorn…


 Fillmore’s Organic Fuel…


 Tow Mater’s Taters…


 Lightning’s Diesel Dogs…


And Luigi’s Tires for dessert…


I mean, it was so easy to put together. It maybe took thirty minutes, total? And it was well worth it, for the looks on their faces alone.

The hardest part was stealing the boys’ CARS characters to decorate with.

And as soon as Isaiah saw the set up, he INSISTED on decorating the table with the rest of his CARS.

Melt. My. Heart.


We’re already so excited about the next one!

Sammy’s Sky Party

So the posts have been lacking around here, all because we’ve been busy getting ready for THIS PARTY.

It feels real now. We officially have a one-year-old. It always takes the party to prove it. ;)

I’ve known since Sammy was born that I wanted to throw him a “Sky Party.”

He’s my rainbow baby. And that is something so very special to me. So I wanted to honor the God-given gift that he is, and celebrate with an ode to the Heavens.

We had rainbows, clouds, planes, hot air balloons…you name it. The sky was the limit. (See what I did there?)

Here’s a few pics from the day…


The ribbon bunting was my subtle nod to the rainbow–tutorial coming later this week. It’s literally the easiest tutorial ever, but still worth sharing.

And the cake. Oh, the cake. It just might be my favorite one I’ve ever made. The toppers just melt my heart. Each one made with love for my little man. I squealed out loud when I finished it. Ask Michael.








And how amazing are these cookies?! A friend of mine made them. There is NO WAY I could ever tackle anything that daunting. I keep telling her she needs to start a business. I’m serious, Alice!


Sammy's Sky Party


One year pictures covering the mantel, courtesy of Alicia Skinner Photography.


And ribbon bunting on our double door wreaths. I made these wreaths almost a year ago, and I still adore them. You can change the decor to match the season (or party, in this case). The How-To is here.


The favors were little clothespin airplanes, complete with hand-drawn instructions.


And what’s a party without a photo-booth, right?! Samuel had his very own Hot Air Balloon photo station.

We simply bought a large roll of white craft paper (4 feet wide), sketched out the balloon, and placed a large basket (World Market) in front of it. Big props (get it? I’m on a roll!) to Michael for helping me put this together. I was such a hit. And the pictures turned out just precious.


It was such a perfect day. I truly loved every minute of celebrating my Sammy baby.

Now…time to start planning his 2nd. ;)

We love you, Samuel. We love you more than all the stars. And we hope you loved your party half as much as we loved throwing it for you.


Mommy and Daddy


Sneak Peak: Sammy’s first birthday


I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a party.

I knew Sammy’s birthday theme from day one. And I’ve been planning it in my mind ever since (our story might give you a hint). I just can’t believe it’s almost here…

My baby turns ONE next week. And I’ve been distracting myself with party details.

I’m in love with our invitations from Etsy. They were EXACTLY what I wanted, and they turned out so lovely.

Now, if I can just bring the rest of my visions to life. That’s my favorite thing to do, by the way.

Also, I think I missed my calling as a party planner. Seriously, I am never happier than when I am party planning.

Think it’s too soon to begin career #2?

Rain Shower

My sister is having a GIRL!!!

And you can’t have a baby without a shower, right? So her friends and I set out to throw her one for the books.

Her nursery colors are yellow and gray, so once I saw this invitation…I fell in love. And from that point on, her “rain shower” theme was underway.


I have to say, one of my very favorite details from the shower was the favors. Alicia had decided to surprise the guests by revealing the gender, which had previously been top secret.

So with the help of another hostess (who was sworn to secrecy!), we put a plan in place. At the very end of the shower, Alica thanked her guests while we handed out the favors, wrapped in yellow and gray.

Then the guests were told to open them together. First they got a peek of a PINK cookie…

And inside was the sweet message, printed on these adorable labels from Tiny Prints.

Their faces were PRICELESS…

Congratulations, Alicia and Alan! 

Many thanks to the AMAZING hostesses: Jenny (who did ALL of the food), Amanda (who made the desserts HERSELF), Christie (who tackled the favors and many other things), Susan (who did the lovely invitations). It was so much fun working with each of you!

Train party!

We decided to do Isaiah’s birthday party a little early this year. And believe it or not, he chose a “train” theme over baseball (WHAAA?!!). He definitely threw me a curve ball with that one. (See what I did there?)

We kept it small, just immediate family (his grandparents, aunts, and uncles). And the day couldn’t have been any more perfect.

I looked around a long time for invitations (I wanted something just right). And as soon as I saw these, I fell in love. They quickly set the stage for the rest of the party.

And envelope liners. I am OBSESSED with envelope liners these days.


I kept the decorations in colors of blue, dark green, with kraft paper and pops of of yellow. I even re-used a few of the decorations from his baptism party. So very special to me. ;)






One of my favorite details was the hand drawn train tracks all over the table runner. We actually left it up for a few days after the party so he could play. He loved running his trains over the tracks.


And what’s a train party without a train?


We made him his very own Choo Choo out of used brown paper boxes. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. He played in it all day long–with his very own train whistle to boot.


It was such a memorable day. We visited, played, opened presents, and topped it all off with a visit to the Trains at Northpark Center.


My boy was on cloud nine.

I also think there might be something to this “smaller party” idea. I’ve always known that, but we have SO much family in town, it’s hard not to invite them all. But for once, I got to stop, take a deep breath, and be with my boy on his big party day. And oh, how I loved it so…


You still have a few days to go, buddy. And I plan to hang on to my two-year-old for as long as humanly possible (although, trust me… you’re already showing every sign of being THREE). I don’t know where the time has gone. As I watch Samuel grow day-by-day, I keep seeing YOU at his age. How are we here? How has it been three whole years? Sometimes I mourn the loss of my “baby ‘Saiah”, but I am so very excited for the fun that’s waiting ahead of us. You are such a light in this family, son. And you always will be. 

We love you, Isaiah. Here’s to the last few days of your two’s. Let’s celebrate BIG.



Elmo Party


What a Christmas. Over the past week, we’ve seen three family Christmases, one Christmas birthday, one birthday party, a family wedding (with a certain blond headed ring bearer) and New Years Eve/Day celebrations.

Just in case you were wondering, that’s where we’ve been and why the blog has been oh-so-neglected. But we’re back, and ready to play catch up. We’ve started  “Sky month” for January and I can’t wait to share our projects. But for now, here’s a glimpse of Isaiah’s Elmo Party.
We had such fun celebrating our TWO year old. Seriously, where has the time gone?


And really, who wants to leave a party without a favor???


I love you, Isaiah. I hope you had as much fun as your party as I had throwing it for you.