Sneak Peak: Elmo Party

It’s all about Elmo these days… or, “MoMo” as Isaiah likes to call him.

I don’t see this obsession ending any time soon, so we decided to make a birthday theme out of it. I like to start planning Isaiah’s parties early, since he’s a December baby.

Well, that, and I’m a party planning enthusiast nerd.

I am SO excited about Isaiah’s party this year. I can’t wait to do an “Elmo theme” up right. Here’s a sneak peak at the invites (via The Scalloped Acorn on Etsy).

We always try to keep his parties pretty small, usually just immediate family (we’re so lucky to have grandparents, aunts, and uncles in town). But I still say you can’t beat the touch of a personal invitation, no matter how small the party…

Isaiah Invite

Shop Sweet LuLu

Have you met LuLu?

If you haven’t, you are missing out. My friends have asked where I get my party accessories, such as straws, containers, etc. If I can’t make them on my own, then this is the first place I look. Sometimes I browse simply for inspiration.

It’s a great site for procrastination. ;)

I love their berry baskets (above), mason jar lids, and straw collections (loving these mint green.)

If you are hosting a fiesta in the near future, stop by their shop. I guarantee you will find something…

More like several somethings.

Go World.

Tonight’s the night. It’s finally here…

(cue the Olympic theme song and Bob Costas)

We love the Olympics over here at the Aars household. I wouldn’t say we are Olympic obsessed—we’re not that extreme. We’re more like Olympic nerds, and proud of it.

So it only felt right to have a little homemade Olympic fun while ushering in “London 2012″ (or, all the fun a 19 month-old with a 7:30 bed time can have, anyways).

The evening wouldn’t be complete without:


The Olympic rings: one standing for each continent. (Super easy construction, just card stock and twine)
THE Olympic torch. Don’t tell Isaiah it’s not the real one. He gets upset. (Rolled white card stock with red, orange, and yellow tissue paper)
And gold medal cupcakes! (same recipe as here, minus the strawberries, and with edible gold flake sprinkles)

We’ve even got the Refueling Station set up (a.k.a. gatorade cocktails). ;)

Here’s to a great weekend…Happy watching!