Sky Month: Recap

I’ll be honest, we had a CRAZY month, and we didn’t get to post nearly as many of our activities as we’d hoped. But sometimes, life gets in the way. In a good way.

We’re wrapping up sky month and looking forward to next month’s theme. Isaiah will open his mystery box on Monday morning, so I am busy making last minute preparations. (So excited for February’s theme…it’s a personal favorite.)

We’ve also been working on a few Valentines Day crafts that I can’t wait to share. But until then, I thought we’d share our sky month activity plan, since we left so many things out.


NOTE: Some of these may be slightly out of order, since we had to adapt to our crazy month. But it was just as fun, nonetheless!

Sky Month! (January 2013)
week one: Clothespin airplanes, Rainbow crayon canvas, Rainbow fruit snack
week two: Flying a kite, hot air balloons, clouds in a bowl
week three: Indoor bird watching, cloud artwork with cotton balls, rainbow M&M cookies
week four:  Paper plate birds, making bird nests, and our end of the month outing: THE FLIGHT MUSEUM

Sky Month: Hot air balloons

Today we learned about hot air balloons. Did you know that they are the oldest human carrying flight technology? Too much for a two year old, but definitely a cool fact for Mommy. Balloons happen to be one of Isaiah’s favorite things (is there any child that doesn’t like balloons?) so any balloon project is a hit in this house.


We made a simple hot air balloon out of things we had on hand: yarn, tape, and scrapbook paper. We’ve been giving “rides” to all of Isaiah’s stuffed animal friends. Even the ones that wont fit. ;)

I’m dying to take Isaiah to a hot air balloon festival someday. The best I’ve ever seen is in Albuquerque, NM. But obviously, I’d love to aim for one closer. If anyone knows of any around Dallas, let me know!

Sky Month: Cloud in a bowl

Today we decided to make a cloud in a bowl for sky month. It was a super fun and easy project for a Friday afternoon…


After Isaiah’s nap, I had a handful of marshmallows waiting in a bowl. We talked about clouds in the sky, and even made a few cloud drawings in our sketch book.

Then together (that part was key since Isaiah’s a wee little guy) we popped the bowl into the microwave and watched as our cloud inflated!


It was too much fun. Once it cooled we touched it to see how soft and fluffy (and sticky) our cloud was. And the best part…it deflates again after a few minutes, so you can do it over and over again without wasting marshmallows.

And OK, maybe we took a bite out of our cloud when the project was done. Just maybe. ;)

Sky Month: Clothespin Airplanes

(For a complete list of our theme month projects, click here!)


Our sky theme month is trucking along. Isaiah loves airplanes, so I thought this would be the perfect morning activity, not to mention simple. We spent about five minutes making this clothespin airplane. He spent the rest of the morning playing with it.

It’s the little things.


We used one regular sized clothespin, then glued on two Popsicle sticks and two mini clothespins for the tail. Super easy. Super cheap. Super fun. In short, our kinda project. :)

Sky Month: Rainbow Snack

Alright, so I’ve come to the conclusion that I might not be able to catch up on all of our latest projects here on the blog. Blame it on the flu, or something like it, that held me captive for 10 days.

Sometimes you just have to give in, and roll with the punches.

So, the plan is to pick up from here and share all of our projects moving forward. Deal?

Just a little reminder, we’re doing SKY as our theme this month. We’ve been learning about planes, clouds, birds, and anything else you might find up in the sky. So today’s Sky Month snack was rainbow inspired…


Fresh fruit and some marshmallows for kicks. And OK, we didn’t do ROYGBIV. But when you have a 2 year old at your feet, saying “ungry Mommy! ungry!”… you improvise. ;)

Sky Month: Bird Watching

I’m on the mend, thank goodness, and we’re working on several projects to share this week. Thanks ever so much for your patience. (That is, if anyone is still reading?)

Here’s one of our Sky Month projects up at Modern Parents, Messy Kids today…bird watching! What better way to spend a cold winter day than bird watching? Indoors, of course.

Hope you hop on over and check it out.