First baseball game

What a way to end sports month…

Last night we took Isaiah to his first baseball game. I’m not gonna lie, I think I was more excited about it than he was. I could barely contain myself all week. I just knew how much he’d love every minute.

And he did.

From the baseball diamond to the peanuts to the home-run fireworks. My little baby is all boy these days, and I knew he’d take to the game like flies to honey.


Last night might be my favorite night with you yet.

I’ll never forget it, baby. How your eyes lit up when we entered the ball park. How you sat in your seat for hours, captivated (you’re two-years-old, mind you). How you grinned from ear to ear when they played your favorite tune on the ballpark organ. And even how you gave Mommy the play-by-play when the players struck out.

On the way home you couldn’t stop talking. You must have mentioned every exciting sight over a hundred times.

And when you got in bed, you were out as soon as your head hit the pillow (a first for you). I have no doubt you were dreaming of peanuts, dot races, and stadium seats.

What a privilege it is to be your Mommy, Isaiah. Because no matter how much fun you had last night, I had more. Just by watching you.

I love you, little Slugger. More than I could ever find the words to say…


Oh, and last night was someone else’s first baseball game too. This little one might have a bit of  a hard time remembering it, though...

Sports Month: Football Hand Prints


Football is probably my least favorite sport. (I know, I know, send in the pitchforks)

Blame it on lack of exposure growing up, but I’d rather watch baseball or basketball any day of the week.

Regardless, I’ve been doing my best to teach Isaiah the basics of the game. He’s only two, so catching and throwing (and touchdown celebrations) have been our biggest lesson.

Today we made a hand print football craft that I saw in the hallways of my old elementary school. I thought it was too clever, and we had to make one of our own. I let Isaiah place the football wherever he wanted, and he went straight for the catch. :)

Then we spent the rest of our morning finger painting. Because once the paints are out at our house, there’s no putting them up. Let’s just say we have about fifty masterpieces drying as we speak…

Sports Month: Basketball Cheese Snack


I must have been deprived from playing with my food as a child. (Just kidding, Mom)

Here’s a quick pic of my “bouncing basketball” creation for Isaiah’s afternoon snack. I used a cookie cutter to make the basketball, and black food coloring to create the lines. Then, believe it or not, I used the lid of the food coloring bottle to make the bouncing dots.

The whole thing took about 2 minutes. Would be cute to make several for a sports party, and even use as cracker toppers.

But for us, an afternoon snack was the perfect occasion. Just me and my boy. :)

Sports Month: Toddler Tennis


I came across this idea when gathering inspiration for my post over at Modern Parents Messy Kids. It looked like so much fun, we decided to try it for ourselves.

I also figured that, slightly tweaked, it was the perfect opportunity to teach Isaiah about tennis (great for our sports month). He’s still a little young to understand, but he got the idea nonetheless.

It’s amazing how much fun a toddler can have with a balloon. Isn’t it? And Mom too, for that matter.

All we did was hot glue two paper plates (we used Chinette for sturdier “racquets”) to two popsicle sticks.  Next time we’ll probably use sturdier popsicle sticks as well, since ours came detached after about 20 minutes of play. (It was just as much fun without the racquet handles, though.)

Isaiah giggled the entire time. So I’d definitely say it was a hit. (A hit. Get it? I crack myself up…)

Sports Month: Oreo Baseball Bites

How cute are these? Baseball is Isaiah’s favorite sport so far, so I wanted to try and incorporate the game into a special treat.


Enter my mid-aisle Oreo pregnancy craving, and the “Oreo Baseball Bite” idea was born.

Really, how easy is this?

I just twisted the Oreos in half (and maaaybe I ate all the other halves all by myself), and then used the tiniest bit of red icing to make the stitching.

I love making food fun for Isaiah. It never fails. He lights up every single time.


Sports Month: Tin Can Bowling (plus 25 other sports activities!)


If you want oodles of ways to play with sports all month long, I’m over at Modern Parents Messy Kids today sharing a few…

I’m also sharing our Tin Can Bowling project, which was cheap, easy, and a great little evening activity.

We’ll be posting more of our sports activities over the next few weeks, but if you wanted a jump start, then by all means…head on over and check it out!

Batter Up, it’s Sports Month!


Cue the ballpark organ…it’s sports month!

I’m particularly excited about this month’s theme, well, because it poses a great challenge for me. Let’s just say sports, or playing sports rather, isn’t really my forte.

I’m not terrible by any means. It’s just never really been my thing. Now, take me to a live sporting event and I come alive. Just don’t ask me to play.

There’s a reason that Isaiah has been exposed to more art than sports around here, and her name is Allison Aars.

But that all changes this month. I am SO excited to teach him about baseball (I played softball as a girl), basketball, football and more.  He already has a knack for throwing a football, and he is so inquisitive about any sport that he sees.

(Don’t you just love the enthusiasm of a two-year-old? It’s like everything they see, absorb, or learn is their new favorite thing. Oh how I wish we could keep that enthusiasm throughout our lives.)

But the real reason I’m excited about sports month, is the opportunity to teach sports the right way, the first time. To me, ‘sports’ isn’t just about baseball, basketball, and football…it’s about mountain biking, dancing, swimming, and so much more.

It’s not a boy thing or a girl thing. And it’s not just for professionals or those who excel.

Sports should be about attitude, compassion, exploration.

And FUN.

If I can teach that to my son this month, while having fun along the way? Then that’s a win.