Theme Months!


They’re baaaaaaack!

And we are so stinking excited to start up again.

Life got a little crazy last Fall when Isaiah went to school. His school did their own theme months of sorts, so ours went by the wayside. Sammy was also pretty little at the time.

But now? It’s Summer, and that means it’s the perfect time to start them back up. Plus, Sammy’s the perfect age to participate!

If you are unfamiliar with our theme months, you can read this post and get caught up to speed.

But long story short?

I’m a girl that needs some structure. And I love being creative with my children….in a non-complicated, EASY way. Theme months allow me to do just that.

It’s a home run for all of us. Which leads me to….

SPORTS MONTH! (See what I did there?)

We kicked off our June with a sports-filled Mystery Box.

Just a short recap: At the beginning of each month, I put out a Mystery box (got ours here) filled with clues to what that month’s theme will be. It’s usually filled with items we already have on hand. Sometimes I add a few dollar store finds to get them excited.

When they boys wake up on the first day of the month, they run SCREAMING to the box. It’s pretty epic.


From that point on, we do one themed activity every weekday (either an activity, craft, or themed meal).

It sounds like a lot, but it’s honestly SO EASY. For example, I didn’t  have anything planned today because I wasn’t feeling well yesterday (P.S. It’s okay to skip a day, life happens!). So on a whim, I said… “Load up the car! We’re going to the Athletic Store!”

And honestly, it was one of our favorite activities to date! We spent so much time wandering around the store, learning about every kind of sport. It was our very own sports crash course.

Other activities take a bit more planning, but I get to pick those days, to make sure it all doesn’t become “too much.”

We’re posting our list a few days late. For those who follow along, SORRY. I’ll always try to post at the first of the month.

But better late than never, right??? At least, that’s what I tell myself.

Anyway, here’s our list for SPORTS MONTH!

1. Play plastic cup golf (use golf clubs to shoot plastic golf balls into plastic cups set up all over the house).

2. Go to a Baseball Game!

3. Make Oreo Baseball Bites.


4. Go to your local sports store and PLAY.

5. Make a basketball snack.

6. Go swimming.

7. Make football hand prints.

8. Make up your own pep Rally (complete with stuffed animals).

9. Play touch football.

10. Go to a little-league Baseball game!

11. Play toddler tennis.


12. Play a game of basketball (indoor or outdoor).

13. Learn how to play volleyball.

14. Go bathtub fishing (or real fishing if you can!).

15. Go to your local outdoor track, and let the kids race! 

16. Learn how to play soccer.

17. Go go-cart racing!

18. Play mini-golf.

19. Learn about archery.

20. Go cheer on a 5K or marathon!


I also like to throw in a few creative activities of our own, so I’ll be posting those as we go (as time permits).

Until then…

Happy Sports Month, Mommas!