That Time I Started a Vintage Shop

It’s been pretty silent around here these last few months.

And if I were to be completely honest, it’s because life took some pretty complicated turns. But out of those turns, came something quite magnificent.

God nudged me. And by nudge, I mean he practically hired a sky writer.

It’s a long story that I wont bore you with (maybe someday) but it led me to a brand new adventure. One I’ve been needing and craving.

I wrote a post a while back about letting your dreams take the back seat. Which I have done for several years now.

But now that both boys are in school a few days a week, I felt an empty space in my heart. And last December, God told me it was time to fill it.

He wanted me to get back to being creative. Not for my kids. Not for anyone else but me…and in turn…for Him. 

I’m not me without creating something. Anything. And even with this blog, the boys have taken so much time…creating my family was all I had time for. But God knew it was time for me for me to create something new.

I just didn’t know what it was. And I’d been struggling with that for months…until I just knew.

So last December, amidst one of the toughest seasons of my life, I started The Festive Farmhouse…my own little vintage home decor shop.

It’s no secret I love decorating AND all things vintage. So I thought…what if I combined the two? festiveFarmhouseLogo_bCard_grey_v1

Those closest to me tried to talk me out of it. Saying it was the “last thing I needed to take on.” But I instinctively knew it was the only thing for me to take on. There was no other way, once God had put it on my heart. And I’ve loved every stinking minute of it.

I’ve learned so many lessons these past few years, about what it means to have a creative light. How to protect it. How to foster it. How to not let anyone else squelch it or even smother it.

How to build it, and watch it grow.

And that’s what I’m doing now.

I’ll still be writing here, about family, and kid things (re-doing Sammy’s room right now and I CANT WAIT to show you), inspiration, and more. But thanks for letting me take a few months off to find myself.

Come on by and see me when you’re in the neighborhood. Location and hours at (And if you aren’t local, be sure to follow on Instagram @thefestivefarmhouse. We’re about to do an online pop-up sale, right there on Instagram, so you “out of town-ers” can join the fun!)