That’s a wrap

That title reminds of my LA days. Ah, sunny Los Angeles. Sometimes I still hear you calling my name. What I wouldn’t give to eat at Canters right now.

I digress.

A while back I bought a vintage waterfall desk from a garage sale at Mungerplace church. It was my intention to paint it dark gray, but you see how well that went. I’ll get to it one of these days, you know… in my spare time. In the meantime, I still love how it looks- and above all, it’s functionality.


I had always intended to line the drawers after it was painted, but I got restless. Especially since I just can’t decide on an exact paint color yet. Any suggestions?

So on my hunt for some stunning drawer liner, I realized there was no such thing. But I did find a wrapping paper design that I loved, and I thought- how different could the two be? As a bonus, it was much less expensive- so I decided to give it a go.


Truth be told, it was a cinch. I just measured, cut, and folded. I used double stick tape to hold it in place. It’s also easily removable for when I do get around to painting. You’ll have to forgive the unfinished hardware- I’m still trying it out.


So I got to thinking, what other creative uses are there for wrapping paper?

You could…

Frame it: Save scrap pieces from birthdays or showers and frame them for your wall. This would be lovely in a little girl’s nursery.

Make a table runner: I love this one. What an inexpensive way to jazz up a party- way better looking than plastic tablecloths and disposable to boot.

Cover a book: Everyone has a few hardbacks around the house they’d like to keep. But don’t you sometimes secretly wonder what the publishers were thinking when they approved the cover? Just put your junior high book covering skills to good use.


And similar to lining drawers, line your bookshelves or china cabinets. I actually used fabric to line my cabinet (vintage from my Grandmother- the cabinet, not the fabric) but wrapping paper would create same effect.  Plus, it’s so inexpensive- I love that you can switch it up as your taste changes. Because let’s just say my taste changes a lot, much to Michael’s chagrin ;).