Shame on me. So embarrassed that I am just now posting about my rockin’ 80′s themed 30th birthday bash. I had just found out I was pregnant (it was still hush hush) and ever since then I guess you could say we’ve been a little busy. Better late than never, right?

I wanted to enter my thirties with a bang, but not break the bank- so we decided to plan a party right here at our house, paying homage to my favorite era. Being born in 1980, it’s a decade you could say I am partial to. I’m not gonna lie, I’d been planning this party in my head for years. I like to plan parties, did you know that about me? My boss like’s to say “I’m theme-y.”

All the food was 80′s retro: Capri Sun, cheese puffs, pizza bites, twinkies and ding dongs, big league chew, ring pops, you name it… we had it. I covered all the tables with clearance fabric from Jo-Ann’s, and used neon shoelaces to tie actual 80′s tapes hanging from the chandelier. I’m pretty sure Huey Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, and Whitney Houston were among the mix.

When you walked in the door there was a trapper keeper “sign in.” Complete with Lisa Frank stickers.

We were also at the door waiting for guests with a vintage Polaroid. We snapped a shot as they entered and put it up on the “Freeze Frame.”



A party’s not a party without themed drinks, am I right? We had a rad selection.

I printed 80′s posters and pics of tv/movie characters, putting them in frames all around the house. Cheap and easy. (P.S. Nice shirt, Dad)

And we couldn’t forget Max Headroom for the kitchen TV…

80′s memorabilia was everywhere. I wish I had a picture of the Care Bears and Teddy Ruxpin…

And of course, you can’t leave an Aars party without a favor. Cokes and Pop Rocks tied with neon shoelaces did the trick here.

Last but not least, the birthday cake. I had a vision for Pac Man, since the arcade game was set up in the dining room. I think it turned out, like, pretty sweet- don’t you?

All in all it was a great success, if I do say so myself. I truly had “the time of my life.” I better get crackin’ on how to top it for my 40th. Here are a few party pics from the evening.