To don’t

A couple of weekends ago we decided to spend the afternoon in Ft. Worth, as a family.

Have I mentioned I love saying that? As a family…

For those of you non-Texans, Ft. Worth is just a short horse ride from Dallas.

Just kidding. It’s about 60 minutes by wagon.

OK, I’ll stop. It’s only 30 minutes give or take some traffic. We had a lovely afternoon taking in the sights, eating BBQ, and people watching.




I love Ft. Worth. People seem to move at a much slower pace there. And lately I find myself wishing I moved at a much slower pace.

Life has been crazy as a new Mom. Scratch that, life has been crazy as a new working Mom. I’m still doing my best to find my balance, but sometimes I struggle. I so badly want to do everything well. I want to be the very best wife, mother, and worship director that I can be. Sometimes I have to remind myself that striving to be the best at all of these things can actually make me worse at everything. I have to remind myself that I am not Superwoman (I’d need a cape for that) and more importantly, I am not supposed to be.

Why oh why is that last part so hard to get sometimes?

I’m a serious “to do” list maker – pretty sure I could compete at an Olympic level. So I got to thinking… what if every time I made my list I committed to cross a few things off without actually doing them?

Dun. dun. duuuuuuuuuuuuun.

In essence, what if I made a “to don’t” list? What if I picked a few things that could wait – until tomorrow, next week, or better yet after I snuggle my son or tell my husband how much I love him.

via Allison Aars on Pinterest

Something tells me my life would be better for it. Something tells me my family would be better for it. Something tells me, I’d finally find my balance. And all without a cape.

4 Responses to “To don’t”

  1. Alicia

    Have I mentioned that I read your blog and LOVE it? You have such a beautiful, precious family, and I so enjoy keeping up with you via Internet.

    Anyway, this post speaks to my heart, and it reminds me of my very favorite poem of late. Thought I’d share:
    Hope you love it as much as I do. =)


  2. Jara

    Well…as a girl who grew up in DeSoto (which is close to Dallas) and considers Dallas her old “stomping grounds”, I will say that living in Keller (which is close to Fort Worth) does have a much slower pace to it! We love it here! I totally get ya about the working mom stuff – I am working on getting back to full time teaching after 8 years of staying at home/working part time with my kids:( It is hard, you just have to remember God has you where he does IN THIS MOMENT for a reason!!! The closer you are to HIM, the closer you’ll be to knowing where you are supposed to be – makes me feel better when I think of it this way!!!:) Blessings!

  3. Alli Aars

    Thanks for the encouragement ladies! Love that poem Alicia! So good to hear from you! And Amen, Jara… I know he has me where I am for a reason.

  4. Maria@Live Beautifully

    Alli, I have a post it note on my desk that says “I can’t do everything, but I can do a lot”. I’m feeling you sister, and this baby isn’t even here yet!